A holiday trip down south costs both time and money, but once in a while we just need to get away. Away from the stress of everyday life. Away from our usual environment and on to enjoy a mini holiday or just a weekend. You do not need to take half a month off or buy off Tegnedrengen to unwind and relax. Hotel Ritz in Aarhus allows you to experience Jutland's capital in full bloom. With sights of interest just around the corner at a tasteful and accommodating hotel in the very heart of Aarhus, you can get the exact mini holiday you and your loved ones need. Whether it is a week with the family, a weekend with a loved one or just an overnight, Hotel Ritz Aarhus has everything you need and at attractive prices!

Since our prices are flexible and can vary in relation to demand, season, etc., we often have attractive overnight prices available at the weekend, holiday periods, public holidays, etc.

It is easy to find all of our tempting prices on your desired dates by searching "Book hotel room".

You can also find our weekend getaway, mini holiday, and cultural holiday offers on the following pages

If you want to surprise someone with a weekend getaway, you can buy a gift voucher at the hotel

We are looking forward to bidding you welcome at Hotel Ritz in the Aarhus City Centre.





Weekend getaway

Enjoy a wonderful weekend in Aarhus at one of the city's oldest hotels, Hotel Ritz.

Art weekend - Aros

Enjoy a getaway in the heart of Aarhus with an extra touch of comfort and art.

Summer holiday

Enjoy a summer stay and experience the summer vibes and warm atmosphere.

From DKK 825

From DKK 1.095

From DKK 1.295

Weekend getaway in Aarhus
AroS Art weekend in Aarhus at Hotel Ritz
Summer Holiday in Aarhus at Hotel Ritz


Winter holiday

Enjoy a wonderful mini winter holiday from everyday routines and enjoy each other at Hotel Ritz Aarhus.

Weekend break in fall

Enjoy each other and a few nice days framed in autumn's golden colours as you switch from the daily Speed. 

Christmas break

Enjoy a charming journey back to Christmas as in the old days with a Christmas stay at Hotel Ritz Aarhus.

From DKK 1.295

From DKK 1.295

From DKK 1.195

Winter holiday in Aarhus
Weekend break in fall | Hotel Ritz Aarhus
Christmas break in Aarhus